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Centers for Youth and Families

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CFYF Healthy Families

Centers for Youth and Families Healthy Families Home Visiting Program offers family-focused, culturally relevant services that are primarily home-based. Home visits are provided regularly to expectant parents and parents with new infants and young children until the child reaches the age of three. The parents we serve are facing challenges such as single parenthood; low income; childhood history of abuse and other adverse child experiences; and current or previous issues related to substance abuse, mental health issues, and/or domestic violence. Our trained and qualified staff address such issues as maternal and child health, positive parenting practices, child development, safe home environments, resource and referral access, literacy and school readiness. Because we believe that early, nurturing relationships are the foundation for life-long, healthy development, our personal interactions with families are relationship-based, designed to promote positive parent-child relationships and healthy attachment, strength-based, family-centered, and culturally sensitive.

In 2017, Centers for Youth and Families Healthy Families Home Visiting Program received Platinum level accreditation through Healthy Families America (HFA), the signature program of Prevent Child Abuse America. We partner with Arkansas’ Home Visiting Network and are funded in part through the federal (Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting) MIECHV grant, as well as through the support of our community donations.

Personality Responsibility Education Program (PREP)

Centers for Youth and Families Prevention Services PREP program educates young people to reduce pregnancy and birth rates for high-risk youth populations. The program targets youth populations that are vulnerable or at the highest risk for pregnancies, or otherwise have special circumstances, including youth in foster care, homeless youth, youth with HIV / AIDS, pregnant youth under the age of 21, mothers under 21 years of age, and youth residing in areas with high birth rates.

PREP also offers services to prepare young people for adulthood by implementing activities that address:

  • Healthy relationships, including the development of positive self-esteem and relationship dynamics, friendships, dating, romantic involvement, marriage and family interactions;
  • Positive adolescent development, to include the promotion of healthy attitudes and values about adolescent growth and development, body image, racial and ethnic diversity, and other related subjects;
  • Financial literacy, to support the development of self-sufficiency and independent living skills;
  • Parent-child communication skills; Education and employment preparation skills; and Healthy life skills, such as goal-setting, decision making, negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills, and stress management.

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