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Centers for Youth and Families

Adult Outpatient


We now serve the adult population in our new location at 1521 Merrill Drive in Little Rock through Person-Centered, Recovery-Oriented service and treatment planning. You may begin services by walking in or by scheduled appointment.

Adult Day Treatment offers an intensive group psychotherapy experience for individuals with emotional and psychiatric disorders. The structured therapeutic program helps reduce the effects of mental illness and provides skills training to empower clients to live in the community independently.

Services include rehabilitative interventions/therapeutic services, development of daily living skills, peer support, group therapy and socialization/social support networking.

Our Program

Outpatient Services are provided to individuals to assist them with their recovery and keep them functioning to the best of their ability in the community.

Our Team may consist of the following:

  • Clinician: A Clinician will complete an Assessment with you at admission to identify your needs and will collaborate with you to create a Treatment Plan within the first week of admission. You can choose from a selection of the following Counseling services: Individual and/or Group Counseling, Family Therapy, Multi-Family Therapy, Interpretation of Diagnosis, Substance Use Assessment, Crisis Intervention and Psychoeducation.
  • Qualified Behavioral Health Provider (paraprofessional): You may be eligible to receive the following services: life skills development-menu planning, food preparation, housekeeping, following a medication regimen and managing legal responsibilities. QBHP’s can also help you with obtaining and keeping housing, employment and education.
  • Care Coordinator: Assistance with benefits, bus passes, food stamps, transportation, appointment follow-up and transition planning from the hospital.
  • Nurse: Nurses will help facilitate PCP follow-up, blood draws, injections, assistance with pharmacy, vitals and medication education.
  • Psychiatrist/APRN: Prescribers will provide medication management and psychiatric assessments.

Clients can receive individual, family, and group therapies, as well as, case management, psychiatric consultation, evaluation, and medication management. Bilingual Therapists are available if needed.

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