Centers for Youth and Families

Centers for Youth and Families

Guiding Hearts

$10,000 Circle

Donna Kay & Thomas F. "Mack" McLarty

$5,000 Circle


Becky and Mark Allison

Ashley Caldwell

Ellon and Rogers Cockrill

Jo Evelyn Elston

Lesli and John Hugg

Suzanne and Dr. Richard McCarthy

Judy Tenenbaum

$2,500 Circle

LuAnn and Rick Ashley

Peyton Bishop

Deborah Davis

Rachel and Buddy Harding

Mr. Collins Hemingway

Melissa and Dan Hendricks

Karen Layton

Sandra and Jon Marbaise

Karen and Terry Masching

Carolyn and Clark McCarley

Don Pfeifer and Maggie Hogan

Ellen and Dudley Shollmier

Angela and Arby Smith

Jennifer and Stephen Sperry

Jan Zimmerman

$1,000 Circle

Sarah and Eddie Bailey

Betsy and Austin Baker

Dr. Katherine and Dr. Tracy Baltz

Tami and Brian Bean

Leigh Ann and Andy Biernat

Dr. Jamie and J.R. Bizzell

Paige and Brian Bratcher

Alissa and Mark Bryant

Michael Cabe

Melissa and Mike Dawson

Bliss and John Dean

Kelly and Brad Eichler

Rhonda and John Eichler

Karen and John Flake

Mary Ann and Ted Gammill

Kori and Eric Houston Gordon

Amber and William Hawkins

Kathleen Hillegas

Ashley and Will Jackson

Lisa and David Jones

Peggy and James Jones

Michelle and Glen Keaton

Tracy & Kevin Kelley

Cassie and Jason LaFrance

Lisa and Andy LaGrone

Dr. Lydia Lane

Erika and Courtney Little

Susan and Dr. Kenneth Martin

Joye and Chad May

Barbara and Patrick McCrory

Shalena and Scott McWilliams

Amanda and John Moore

Heather and Shane Morden

Cindy and John Neumeier

Rob Noirot

Stephanie and Jim Pace

Eva and Dr. James Pappas

Courtney Parnell

Kay and Bill Patton

Helen Porter and James Dyke

Sally and Keith Riggs

Ann and Brandon Rogers

Rachel and Jonathan Rogers

Brittany and Joseph Rugger

Britt Runion

Amy and Jared Seale

Barbara and Kim Stafford

Cappy and Charles Whiteside

Stephanie and Kevin Wilcox

Kathy and Jerry Wild


The Centers aims to record the names of donors in an accurate manner. If we have inadvertently omitted or misstated your name, please let us know by contacting our office at 501-666-9436. This honor roll reflects cash donations from May 2019- June 2020

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