Centers for Youth and Families

Centers for Youth and Families

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The mission of Centers for Youth & Families is to provide specialized prevention, intervention and treatment services that promote emotional and social wellness for children and families in Arkansas.

Centers for Youth & Families has been building healthy children, families and communities for over 130 years!

The Centers provides an age-appropriate, comprehensive continuum of care for the emotional wellness of all ages.

Since 1884, the organization has grown from serving only a few to serving thousands of children and families each year. Our programs address typical family issues and concerns that today’s families encounter along with serving specific areas such as socially and emotionally challenged and at-risk youth, children with learning differences, runaway and homeless youth, expecting and new parents, pregnant and parenting teens, Hispanic young parents, foster families and victims of human trafficking.

Life is not picture perfect. Traumatic events may cause emotional and social challenges that make life seem impossible for your child and your family.

We're here to help you find hope, learn resilience, and rediscover possible.

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